Climbing Horizons is a public benefit corporation established for educational and charitable purposes. The purpose of Climbing Horizons is to help foster cultural and academic development through tourism while preserving natural and socio-cultural resources of the areas visited. We hope that our trips will also benefits the communities we visit though fundraising and volunteering for meaningful grass roots projects that are important to the community.



1) To establish community development/enhancement to promote sustainable livelihoods that will provide economic well being.

2) To develop education and ecotourism opportunities directly linked to community enhancement and academic research.

3) To foster collaboration with various agencies of the government and other non-government organizations.

4) To enable and encourage travel that will foster intercultural understanding, benefits the community, environment and people and educates the traveler. 


Why we got started:

We believe that travel should be an active experience both physically and intellectually. When we step out of our comfort zones, engage in new cultures with an open mind and discover new places, we literally and physically climb to new horizons, and that is what inspired our name. So much of travel leads to many negative impacts for local people and societies. Climbing Horizons aims to offer trips that are authentic, benefiting local communities and people not just through the tourism dollars we spend, but through supporting their initiatives by fundraising and volunteering. 


Tax Info:

Climbing Horizons Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) is: 46-387329. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

About Us: