Current Projects

Projects we support are chosen by the communities we work with. Through town hall meetings and open forums we work with local residents to identify most pressing needs and issues. The community takes charge of the organization and labor while we try to help by raising most of the funds needed. 


Many of our friends and operators in the destinations we travel to are struggling to make ends meet due to the travel restrictions in place. Tourism dependent economies need our help now as before.  While we have not been able to travel, we are still all connected and can impact each other positively. This fund will help support the people you have come to know and love on our trips. THANK YOU for your contributions. 



Kaxinawa  and Kayopo Tribes Brazil

This year we are seeking donations in the amount of $ 20,000 to support indigenous tribes deep in the Amazon. 

In the Kayopo tribal lands we are raising funds for environmental protection of these native lands

If you are interested in visiting these tribes check out our trip page for upcoming service trips. 

You can donate through PayPal, or using the tax exempt donation letter below. We are also accepting products/services that we can use for our silent auction fundraiser.

- Visit our fundraisers tab to attend events that help this cause.

Belize - San Carlos and Indian Church Scholarships

Climbing Horizons is accepting donations for the educational scholarship program for the children of the Belize rural villages of Indian Church (Lamanai) and San Carlos.  For those of you who have visited the Maya site of Lamanai, you already know that the village is remote, rural, and fairly poor.  With only partial government support, much of the cost of a high school education is borne by the student’s families.  Additionally, since the villages are several hours by bus to the nearest high schools, (the bus only serves these villages two days per week), the students must board during the school week.  Each year the Canadian Organization, S.H.A.R.E. has continued to provide several tuition scholarships, but additional funds are needed.  The program has evolved over the years, as volunteer coordinators have learned more about the schools and the financial needs of the students from these villages.  We have also expanded the program to include a scholarship and small loan program for students wishing to go on to junior college after graduating from high school, and we have been somewhat involved with primary education, conducting a summer reading program. This year we are happy to announce that a scholarship committee has been formed in the village.  Because the people who serve on this committee live in the village they help identify needs and provide direction. 

Belize- Indian Church Community Center

The community of Indian Church has identified the need for an updated community center which we are currently fundiraisng for.

Brazil-Ponta Negra

Through ongoing engagement with the community, we keep identiying the most pressing needs to address on our trips and through giving.

Completed Projects

Project Kitchen for Belize - Indian Church Village

The new kitchen has been built! It is a brand new building with a new oven, sink, cleaning and cutting table, shelves and storage. It has woodwork and hand crafted items from the local Mennonites in Belize. The CSULB January group was lucky enough to finish the project by painting the outside of the kitchen. Below is a picture of the new wood burning oven in use for teaching the students how to make corn tortillas. This oven also has a chimney so that the local workers are not constantly inhaling smoke (unlike the old kitchen). Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great cause!

Dock-San Carlos, Belize

San Carlos expressed the desire to have a community dock to attract boaters for the new restaurant. The dock was built as a floating dock.

Charter and Tour Company, Belize

Through a successful microloan the company was created and a suitable bus was identified. Through a combination of the microloan and a local loan a bus was purchased and is now being used for contract charter for tourists and residents alike. 

Ponta Negra, Brazil

Through a combination of funds raised by Climbing Horizons that were matched locally by donors, we were able to help refurbish and update the houses of some of the poorest residents of the community so that they could be sublet in time for high season over new year. 


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Ponta Negra